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Mixed Billing Fee models will be used from the 3rd of July 2021 for Dr Gareth Ng, Dr Emma Kim (Weekends only) and Dr Diane Xiao. Details are provided below;

Bulk Billing will remain for Children 0-16 years, Age, Pension, Concession Health Care Card and DVA card Holders. Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health, Covid Vaccinations will all remain Bulk Billed also

An $80 fee will apply for standard consults. The full list of fees can be obtained from the admin team.

The remainder of the Practice will continue to Bulk Bill for the majority of services, however, Please note Fees may apply for certain services such as Skin Checks, Procedures, Cosmetic Medicine and After Hours care.

Appointment Lengths

The standard consult length varies between GP’s, and will be either 10, 15 or 20 minutes, if you feel you have multiple concerns to discuss, are attending for a pap smear, post natal check (mother or child) or a complicated health issue please book a double appointment with your GP.

If you are attending with other members of your family, please book an appointment for each member of the family.