Annual Skin Checks

Although there are no firm guidelines regarding the frequency of skin checks, it is generally recommended that people with the following profile should attend for annual skin checks

  • Red hair
  • Type 1 skin (often burns, rarely tans, tends to have red/fair hair , freckles, blue or green eyes) and age more than 45 years
  • Type 2 skin ( usually burns, sometimes tans , tends to have light hair, blur or brown eyes) and age more than 65 years
  • Family history of melanoma in a first degree relative in patients aged more than 15 years
  • More than 100 naevi (more than 10 atypical naevi)
  • Past history of melanoma

 Past history of nonmelanoma skin cancer or more than 20 solar keratoses.

 It is best to present for a skin check at any time if the following occurs

  1. any change in a mole or freckle with regards to shape , size or colour (lighter or darker)
  2. any mole or freckle that itches or bleeds
  3. any irregularity of the border of a mole or freckle
  4. any new mole or freckle.

Please let our receptionists know that you are booking in for a skin check when you make the appointment so that adequate time can be allowed to perform a comprehensive assessment of your skin.

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